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Aircraft Management

Helping you make the most of your aircraft investment

Owning your own aircraft is an investment in personal freedom. That's why we offer four unique programs designed to help you get the most from it - based on your individual utilization levels and operational needs.

Whether you want guaranteed monthly income to help offset the purchase of an aircraft, are looking to generate revenue between your flights, or simply need a dedicated partner to manage every detail, Delta Private Jets has a program for you.

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Aircraft Management Sales


Turn-key Management

A complete suite of aircraft management services, with or without supplemental charter.

Delta Private Jets offers Turn-Key Aircraft Management for owners or aircraft buyers who are looking for expert management services from the ground up. From crew member employment, training, complete maintenance oversight, to 24/7 flight planning and regulatory compliance, our 30 years of world class experience allows you to enjoy the benefits of your investment.

What this program offers:

Crew Member Services:

We can work with your existing, qualified crew members or recruit a dedicated team of the industry’s most qualified personnel to operate your aircraft and provide complete HR services – including administration of training, payroll, and benefits.

Operations Maintenance Management:

We coordinate all maintenance, regulatory compliance, and paperwork to ensure the highest levels of quality control.

Owner Services:

We oversee the planning and monitoring of all flight-related activities, including crew coordination and accommodation arrangements, aircraft schedules, international flight permits and more.

Finance & Expense Management:

All aircraft-related expenses will be thoroughly reviewed, processed for payment and provided in a consolidated monthly statement.

Unique Savings Programs:

You’ll also be able to take advantage of our unique savings and benefits, including:
Significant discounts on fuel, insurance, crew member training and more.
Free crew member position for training, maintenance and charter flying.
Hotel and ground transportation discounts throughout the U.S.
Revenue Opportunities
Optional Charter Programs:
With Turn-Key Management, we can also certify qualified aircraft and crew to generate charter revenue when you’re not using it to further reduce ownership costs.

Ownership Assist™


If you're interested in purchasing an aircraft, only require occasional use, and are looking for guaranteed monthly revenue to cover financing costs, this unique program is designed for you.

Ownership Assist provides:
Guaranteed fixed income stream - designed to cover 80-100% of your monthly payments
Freedom from fixed and variable costs associated with traditional aircraft ownership, including maintenance expenses
30 owner flight hours per year over 20 flight days at no cost (additional restrictions may apply for travel within some Western states)
Opportunity for accelerated tax depreciation deductions

The current economic environment of low interest rates, depressed aircraft values, and high marginal income tax rates has created the near-perfect time to purchase an aircraft. And with the introduction of Ownership Assist, the timing has never been better.

The aircraft that enter the fleet via Ownership Assist become part of the DPJ floating fleet of managed aircraft. Currently, Ownership Assist is available for Cessna Citation CJ3, Citation Excel or XLS, Citation X, Citation Sovereign and Embraer Legacy 600 aircraft.

For more details, contact Delta Private Jets Aircraft Management at 859-534-4270.

Aircraft deployment


If you fly 100 hours or less per year, and own a qualifying aircraft, this variable lease program not only offsets ownership costs - it turns the expensive idle time of your aircraft into an immediate revenue-generating resource.

How Aircraft Deployment Works:
Delta Private Jets staffs your aircraft and places it in a high-utilization charter program
Provides 50+ charter revenue hours per month
Covers all fixed expenses (including crew salaries, benefits, insurance, hangar, cleaning, etc.)
Pays all fuel expenses
Funds engine and parts/labor maintenance reserves through a fixed hourly reimbursement
Covers repositioning costs whenever you need your aircraft

Learn how your aircraft may be a perfect fit for this management model, as several specific aircraft types are well suited for this program.

Charter Management


If you fly 100 hours or more per year, this program not only helps you earn charter revenue - it also offers many unique benefits, savings, and resources to reduce the overall cost of aircraft ownership.

And because Delta Private Jets generates its own charter demand, and is not reliant on third parties, we are uniquely able to offer guaranteed charter hours on select aircraft.

How Charter Management Works:
Delta Private Jets certifies your crew and aircraft for charter operations (subject to qualifications and regulatory approvals)
Enters your aircraft into one of our commercial charter operations
Generates revenue for owners based on each charter hour flown
Guarantees 200+ charter hours for qualified aircraft
Leverage our purchasing power to tap into unique savings and benefits, including:
Significant discounts on fuel, insurance, crew member training, and more
Free crew member positioning for charter flying, training and maintenance
Hotel and ground transportation discounts throughout the U.S.
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